18. I do quite a lot of things: write, art, photography, skate, snowboard...the list goes on and on....Send me prompts and I'll write them. Feel free to ask me anything or talk to me about whatever you want....I will always love fimogen and I will keep them dearly in my heart and mind. I have a feeling that Winston will start to take over the majority of my posts and of course some liveblogging when I can. But expect some Winston appreciation on this blog and I'll be sure to bring some Fimogen back too and just anything Imogen or Fiona as well...
I Write, Breathe, and Sleep Fimogen
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i. in too deep - sum41 // ii. everything i didn’t say - 5 seconds of summer // iii. love me like you used to - youandmeatsix // iv. wild horses - the rolling stones // v. say what you mean - emblem3 // vi. miserable at best - mayday parade // vii. amnesia - 5 seconds of summer // viii. thanks to you - all time low // ix. the drug in me is you - falling in reverse // x. scars - papa roach // xi. hate to see your heart break - paramore // xii. hold on til may - pierce the veil feat. lindsay stamey // xiii. tally it up, settle the score - sleeping with sirens // xiv. i’d hate to be you when people find out what this song is about - mayday parade //
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me trying to jump back into the writing game might include something along the lines of fimogen that I doubt will be read but yo ima do it anyway….

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The shock on my face right now…I was not anticipating that…

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That is a horrible family right there…
Becky Baker pick yourself right up and move in with Imogen and get your life rolling in the positive direction and most of all get away from the people who are gonna drag you down…

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I swear if Becky lies for him Ima be pissed as all hell cuz no one in any circumstance deserves what he did to her…

Yay Becky…serving that justice by not lying for her scum brother…

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Yes Zig…

He’s like a big supportive cuddle bear

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