18. I do quite a lot of things: write, art, photography, skate, snowboard...the list goes on and on....Send me prompts and I'll write them. Feel free to ask me anything or talk to me about whatever you want....I will always love fimogen and I will keep them dearly in my heart and mind. I have a feeling that Winston will start to take over the majority of my posts and of course some liveblogging when I can. But expect some Winston appreciation on this blog and I'll be sure to bring some Fimogen back too and just anything Imogen or Fiona as well...
I Write, Breathe, and Sleep Fimogen
in my mind they have always been intentionally left open to interpretation. I think that it’s something that the writers wanted. They left it open to interpretation but hinted heavily that there would be a Fimogen reunion at some point in their lives. (Now whether or not that’d actually be on the show now that I’m not so sure of)
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I’m writing….it’s shit but I’m writing

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